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Can you not afford to pay all of your tax or VAT debt off in one payment? Are you having sleepless nights because the sheriff is bound to come knocking on your door any day now?


If you answer yes to 2 or more of the below questions, contact us for your free debt payment arrangement quote!


  • Does your business owe SARS money?
  • Can you not afford to pay SARS everything at once?
  • Has SARS contacted you about your debt?
  • Is your business struggling to keep up with your creditors?
  • Are your nett assets higher value than your total debt?
  • Are you too busy running your business to deal with SARS?

How do we arrange SARS debt payment arrangements?


  1. We contact you to discuss your financial position and the SARS debt.
  2. We provide you with our quote to handle the debt, from start to finish – our standard fees are 5% of the debt, and we do negotiate with you in line with your affordability. Our fees are split over a few months to make it manageable for your business.
  3. Once you pay our deposit, we immediately suspend all legal action from SARS.
  4. We will then ask you for a list of documentation:
    • Written letter of the history of why the money is owed, where it comes from and why it cannot be paid.
    • Latest financial statements.
    • Updated management accounts.
    • Cash flow forecast for the next 12 months.
    • Detailed bank statements for the last consecutive 6 months.
    • Company registration documents.
    • Lists of:
      1. All vehicles
      2. All properties owned
      3. All other assets
      4. All tenders
      5. All debtors
      6. All creditors
      7. All connected party loans
  5. We then compile your application and submit it to SARS. We then negotiate with SARS for the best outcome.
  6. Once we have a successful outcome, we will inform you and send you the SARS contract.

To find out if you qualify for a SARS Debt Payment Arrangement, contact us today.


    • Once you’ve made one payment towards the arrangement, you can apply for a new tax clearance certificate.
    • You can apply for the payment arrangement yourself, but without our expert knowledge and close working relationship with SARS, you will not get the best possible outcome.
    • If you are an individual and have tax debt in your personal capacity, the above still applies, we will just tailor the list of documentation to suit your specific needs.
    • SARS has the power to take money directly out of your bank account, they can also attach third-party payment instructions to your debtors, they can obtain default judgment against you, and they can attach your assets to recover the debt.
    • The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can suspend all legal action.
    • We have a 100% success rate.