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SARS VAT Debt Help

Our team at Tax Debt Relief specialize in the
effective relief of SARS VAT Debt.

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SARS Debt Compromise & Negotiations

Our experienced team of Tax debt specialist knows the SARS processes inside out.

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SARS Instalment Payment Agreements

Our team will assist in compiling and submitting
your deferral of payment.

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Please rest assured that you have come
to the right place.

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SARS Tax Registrations Help

We have helped hundreds of businesses,
to be fully tax compliant.

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SARS Tax Clearance Related Matters

Do you need a Tax clearence certifcate but have outstanding Tax/VAT?PAYE Debt?

Our Expertise

We utilise our services (which include SARS Debt Compromise and SARS Instalment Payment Agreements)

to help you deal with various types of SARS Debt: SARS Tax Debt help or SARS VAT Debt help

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“I was ignoring all my phone calls as I was scared of being criminally prosecuted by SARS. When I eventually couldn’t take it anymore, I contacted Tiaan and couldn’t believe how quickly he helped me. I can sleep peacefully again.”


“Tax Debt Relief not only saved me R7.8 million, they saved my pride and my reputation. I’m so glad my accountant referred me to them.”


“Thanks, TDR, all of my employees get to keep their jobs thanks to you. SARS Debt is not the end of the world, thanks for helping me see that.”


“I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call. I got to keep my house, my car, and most importantly, I could keep my business open. Thanks, TDR!”


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